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Monday, 25 May 2009

A brief respite and photo opportunity!

We were all ill last week, and that meant we were all in bed in what is quite a small 2 bed flat. The flat got messier as the week went on, as being ill I had no energy for washing up plates or cleaning floors. One evening it all got a bit much and as I love the evening light I decided to take the camera and drive until I found a 'footpath' sign. The trickiest thing is finding a spot to park on a small winding country lane. I ususally just pull up right alongside the footpath sign now- I used to hesitate every time, looking for a good parking place and I'd miss footpath after footpath, and usually end up quite hot and irritable. So now I park in as close as I can and hope for the best! I found a real gem of a walk just 15 minutes drive from home- I love that about England! I got a few nice shots, the time was about 7 o clock, and the gorgeous golden light gave me some interesting opportunities although the wildlife was really aware of me- maybe I shouldn't have worn my red jacket!

Some sheep peacefully grazing on a sunlit hillside- a typical English scene that I love!
I gave Mr Pheasant a bit of a surprise- and his wife's loud call gave me a shock too- hence why there was no time to zoom in, just snap and see what happens!
These two ladies were really checking me out. When my Camera turned out to be a harmless weapon they lost interest!
I forgot to put the anti- glare bit on the end of the camera, but I actually really like what happened here!

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  1. LOVELY!!! I really love the flare on the last photo. I am going to want blow it up for my wall. :)