Life is an adventure of the heart, an adventure into love

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I just want to be Sophie...

A beautiful day today and I needed to get out in it, soak it all up. It's beautiful here on the coast, the light feels so bright and the wind so fresh and full of ozone. I walked all the way down to the sea and then along the shoreline, wearing wellies so that the waves could splash up over my feet. I love the sea, it brings such feelings of peace and helps me to process my sometimes overwhelming emotions! As I was walking and letting out my feelings, a deeper solidity rose up in me and I was able to feel my true feelings. It's like once I had got all the surface worries out of my head how I truly felt could rise up. I felt a fresh knowing about who I was made to be. I realised... I just want to be Sophie, and right now, that means to garden, look after children and animals, paint and draw, be silly and heartfelt and to spend lots of time outside being adventurous. This is who I know I was created to be. It can be so hard sometimes, because it feels like if you're going to be the real you, you're going to hurt and offend people that you love... but you know that it is too late, because you love yourself now and you can only put yourself first- or cease to exist. I know that the God I love put me on this Earth to be myself... so that is what I am being... recklessly... free.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Inspirational Eggs

I love the way eggs represent new life. I find it encouraging that new life always begins with a 'dark' phase, when nothing seems to be changing and it is hard and slow and painful... but, the new life does come, the egg cracks, the waters break... and something new and beautiful pops out into the world! I have these 'dark' times at regular intervals, and I made these eggs as a reminder of what is really going on, that there is beauty inside of me waiting to come out, being formed, being perfected. I made them by blowing some duck eggs and them just painting with watercolours... take a look :)