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Monday, 19 April 2010


Change can be uncomfortable, painful and frightening, but ultimately life is about change. Things don't stay still for long. Seeing as I am in a gardening vibe at the moment, these thoughts about change were actually brought about this morning when I was re-potting my tomato plants on from their seed trays to bigger pots. It is important to keep increasing the plant's size of pot as they grow and fill out the first ones with roots, otherwise their growth could be stunted. If my poor little tomato plants could speak, they probably would have been screaming for mercy as I gently teased them out of the seed tray one by one, trying to keep all their roots intact, and planting them straight into their moist, bigger pots. They did not look happy afterward either, they wilted straight away and I knew that I had to leave them alone at that point or I would risk damaging them further. Here is a picture I took of them, maybe an hour later when most of them were looking much better, but the caption is: 'Change can be hard'!
I have been experiencing a lot of change personally over the past few months. I found myself today, at my 'creativity desk' for the first time in awhile. I was thinking about painting or drawing again, but for some reason, I can't do this at the moment. I don't know the exact reason why this is, but I know that there is a reason, and that maybe this dream is needing to be left alone for a time, maybe it's roots need to go deeper, or maybe it is hurting after some big change, but I am totally receiving the grace to just let it be for now. Here is a picture of my space:

 It has been a wonderful season for me, discovering a passion to draw and create and actually being given the space to do that. However, change has arrived at my doorstep now, and it is happening to me, yes people, I'm being re-potted. Now I just have to spread out my roots and see what new goodness there is to find. I know that drawing will always be a part of my life, but while it lies in dormancy, some other dreams are being given the space to flourish. Gardening for one, just look at all my seedlings!

I am also very excited about photography and writing, which is why I am enjoying this blog so much! I am discovering the simple beauty that is around me here. I love the fresh, 'bleached' feel of the coastal scenery and the blue blue skies and springtime delights.

I love being part of this community, I keep bumping into the older men of the village, all of whom so far seem to be called Jack and have at least one little dog! The other day, I was chatting to one of them who has an allotment just down from mine, the conversation went onto politics and the fact that we need change. This lovely old man looked me in the eyes and said in his gentle Scottish accent: "What we need, Sophie, is a Revolution." I told him that I couldn't agree more! My daughter and I then bumped into this lovely old farmer, who actually said "Oooo Arrrr" several times, and warmed my heart just when I needed it!
So all this newness is very exciting, but at the same time, it does feel like I am in a little bit of mourning at the loss of the old season. I am thankful for so much and to so many who have inspired me and encouraged me along the way until now, and there is a part of me that is still getting over the change in that area. I am going to post up a few pictures of some of my first drawings and creative expressions that marked the beginning of a creative life for me. I am thankful for them and I am thankful for my new and bigger pot that I am slowly discovering. But most of all I am thankful for this:
 So here are a few of my first drawings and paintings. It's been a good year.

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