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Friday, 19 November 2010

A Change Of Seasons

My life feels stripped back to a simplicity%2C a wholeness%2C where daily rituals seem to be working and flowing better than ever to produce a safe harbour for our little family. I%27ve been walking in the beautiful woods by our new house every day in the early morning%2C I feel like it%27s something I need to do just for me before the day begins. It%27s a place I can process and where my soul finds rest and my body gets%26nbsp%3Brejuvenated%2C and all before a chatty little 3 year old wakes up%21 I took some photos this morning and they are all completely %27raw%27 because my laptop has broken and I can no longer edit any of my photos- maybe this is a good thing for a while%3F It%27s another reminder that life can be simple and uncomplicated and all the more beautiful for it. I couldn%27t feel more at home than I do right now%2C I absolutely love where we live. Our little cottage is so snug and safe and the countryside around here is stunning%2C and for some reason feels friendly and safe. I am happy to wander about the woods on my own%2C without any fear of getting lost or of the fact that I%27m alone. So here are some of the pictures I took this morning- I feel like I should be paying someone for the%26nbsp%3Bprivilege%26nbsp%3Bof walking in all this beauty%2C but it%27s free. There is something so beautiful about Autumn and the natural process of life and death. The trees seem to die as they shed their splendid leaves and carpet the floor with a colourful blanket. They loose their%26nbsp%3Bappearance%26nbsp%3Bof strength and masculinity and it is replaced by almost ethereal%2C delicate and feminine skeletons. Suddenly the woods become quiet as the leaves cease to rustle in the wind and instead crunch underfoot in the unusual silence. It all has a plan and a purpose%2C for while the trees appear to be barren and dead%2C underneath the ground%2C life continues and then in the spring the evidence of it bursts forth with vibrant green leaves. I feel that %27stillness of the woods%27 about me%2C and I am more aware than ever of this hidden growing as I am expecting a baby in January%21 It is nice that everything feels simple%2C calm and still before our very own little%26nbsp%3Beruption%26nbsp%3Bof life%21 I am enjoying the process of this life growing%2C even now the baby is moving in my belly and I am savouring every minute as I know that one day this baby will be %26nbsp%3Bperson no longer inside me- it really feels like the biggest gift and privilege to carry this little soul. My first- born daughter is doing really well too%2C she is growing and blossoming every day and showing us more of her gentle yet strong heart%21 We saw it in her eyes as a new born baby%2C and now she expresses it much more effectivelyAnd our new home%3F Well%2C I tried to take some photos this morning and then gave up as my camera lens was really zoomed in and cut off massive portions of the rooms. Here is a glimpse of the living room%2C we%27ve already put our mark on it by wallpapering the chimney breast with maps from 1920%2C found in a second-hand bookshop- we just love the colours%21 Our coffee table and armchairs are all ebay finds- you%27ve just got to love ebay%21 We both have loads more inspiration for all of the house, but we are saving up for some of the things we want to do whilst we enjoy what we have been able to. So that's me for now. Lots more to come I hope %3A%29 Now its nearly bedtime%2C but maybe a nice cup of tea first