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Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Simple Idea

It's amazing how much pleasure I get from simply having some fresh flowers in our home. I bought a small bunch of narcissus, tulips and irises the other day for £4.99, but I wanted to make them more of a feature, so I decided not to put them into a vase. Instead, I took a pot and half filled it with gravel and then topped it up with water. I then picked some variegated foliage from the garden and stuck the flowers and foliage into the gravel. I had to cut the stems quite small, but the flowers have lasted beautifully, they are still looking completely fresh after a week!

There is something so special about Spring flowers, they bring with them such a beautiful sense of hope and promise. I know we have to wait at least another month until Spring arrives, but it's lovely to be reminded that it's on it's way! Outside I have noticed several daffodil stalks pushing their way up through the ground and I love to point them out to Amber, and tell her that Spring is on it's way. I also love having these flowers here in our home every day, it's such a reminder that each day is precious and filled with so much promise. :)

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