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Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Dreamer

I have always been a dreamer. My parents would say of me that I was 'a bit of a dreamer'- in my own world. I like my world, I'm realising. I heard a quote once which said something like 'I prefer the world I have created for myself to the real world', and this is kind of how I feel too. I love exploring my world and finding things that delight me.

When I was growing up I would have this recurring dream, I was thinking about this dream the other day as I walked in the woods near our house. The bluebells are nearly out and I have inherited from my Mum an overwhelming urge to pay homage to the bluebells every year when they bloom. There is something incredibly magical about a woodland floor carpeted with bluebells, it draws out the 'dreamer' side of me, the part of me that wants to believe in fairies, put on shimmering gowns and go dancing in the Moonlight! Anyway, in this dream I would go through a 'door' into another world (inspired by Narnia I'm sure), and I would find myself in a leafy woodland glade. In the wooded glade there would be a deep, clear pool, which I would walk down into, as I went down the stairs on one side and up the stairs on the other, my clothes would be magically transformed into a beautiful flowing white dress. I would then come up out of the pool on the other side looking like a Narnian Princess. I would walk a bit in the woods and I would eventually always find a white horse, saddled and waiting for me to ride. I would climb up onto the horse and we would be off on our adventures together. These adventures would usually involve a handsome Prince rescuing me from some great danger!

As I was thinking about this dream, it suddenly hit me that on my wedding day, nearly 6 years ago my new husband and I rode off together on a white horse named Elijah's Cloud and I was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress. How funny is that (as Amber would say!)? I think dreams really do come true, even if we don't always notice at the time!

Here's to the dreamer in all of us!

(This was taken a few years ago on my annual bluebell homage!)

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