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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Charity Shop Treasures

I have suddenly found myself rushing into charity shops and scouring their shelves for long forgotten treasures. It all started with an idea I had, to look for vintage bottles to put my home made beauty potions into. Since then, it's like my eyes have opened to a whole new world and I can't resist having a quick look in every charity shop I go past. It feels like a childish treasure hunt, as if someone has hidden all these things for me to find if I look hard enough! Anyway, I did quite well last week, as I found a couple of Chinese bowls in a gorgeous turquoise colour in one shop and then the next day I found a hot pink one to match them. Perfect for my bathroom, which I'm hoping to slowly 'do up'! It's so satisfying when you find the perfect item for only a few pennies.

My husband liked them too, as they reminded him of some bowls his Grandparents had, so it was a win win (he approved of my spending!) I also found this sweet butterfly soap dish, which I love, someone else's junk= my treasure!

My daughter, Amber was hilarious in one particular shop. She was desperate to try clothes on, and she didn't realise that there was a children's section at first, so she was trying to try on an adult size skirt. I then pointed out the children's clothes and she was quickly pulling out pink skirts and dresses, whilst balancing a hot pink adult wedding hat on her head, all much to the amusement of the shop assistants! We ended up buying her a few new things and she was so excited, she folded them up straight away and the next morning when I came down she was wearing her new dress all ready for Nursery! 

Her teacher said that they had heard all about Amber's new dress when I picked her up! I think I'll have an eager companion with me on some of my treasure hunts!

That's all for now, have a good week!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

We're going for it!

We made a little commitment to our dreams this week, helped along by a nice bottle of Prosecco! We have been on a journey of working on our creative projects for a couple of years now, but this week felt very fresh. It feels like it won't be much longer until we start to see some of our ideas up and running. When I sat down to take a sip of my drink I noticed that the light was hitting my glass in such a way that it was full of little Rainbows! You can see one of them in the photo below, it was hard to catch them on camera! It's always nice to feel like you're in the right place at the right time. So here's to going for it, cheers! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Inspiration- Molly Makes

Remember what I said on this blog post about not only needing time to be creative, but time to be inspired too? Well, I've found the perfect inspiration! It's a scrumptious new magazine called 'Mollie Makes'. I'd been hearing all about it, so when I spotted it in W H Smith I decided to treat myself!

Last night found me in the Summerhouse with a cup of peppermint tea and my new magazine and it didn't disappoint  There are so many fun ideas I want to try, and fab links to other creative bloggers, which I can't wait to look up when I get a mo! Plus, if I ever need a good fabric supplier there are tons of different shops advertising here. I can't recommend it enough. I nearly forgot to say that it comes with a little packet of felt on the front and instructions on how to turn it into a phone case, opening the packet reminded me of opening my latest Spice girl cards when I was a school girl, it was so exciting!

I'm now off to sign up for the next 3 issues for £5, which is an amazing bargain at: Thanks guys!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Flowers from Mum's Garden

There is so much joy in receiving flowers when you know that someone has been carefully walking about their garden, selecting the freshest blooms and arranging them just so. Each flower becomes so meaningful. I love the way my Mum has included grasses here, grass flowers are so beautiful. Thank you Mum, I love that your creativity has a flavour I can relate to, we are cut from the same cloth and it delights me to see our similarities! xxx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sewing, rearranging the furniture and other stuff!

One of my creative dreams is to learn to sew well, to be able to know how to make pretty things. I saw a Kent Adult Education course called 'learn to sew' advertised and felt this overwhelming desire to join the course, so I did! I have just completed my first project and I am very proud and happy! I feel so excited about where my sewing adventures will take me!

Ladies and Gents here is my first creation:

I love, love, love the material which I have lots more of and got for a fiver in the bargain bin at my local fabric shop. I learnt how to make a button hole and how important an iron is when you're sewing, so that you get nice neat seams! Here is a shot of the inside:

And this is what it looks like on:

Did I mention I love my new bag?!

I also re-arranged the furniture in our play room/ dining room and it feels so good and fresh. I love a new perspective!

Spot Jireh!

We're really working hard on some creative business ideas at the moment and I'm really excited! I want to 'see it in the flesh' after dreaming about it for so long, but I know that the dreams and ideas still need time to grow so it's one beautiful step at a time! Sometimes it's hard to be still and enjoy where you are, but having children makes this so much easier, every moment is so precious and so captivating with small ones around.

Here is some of Amber's art she made this week:

It starts with butterfly, then onto mouse, then elephant, and after that she'd had enough thus the  purple splodge!

I also managed to tidy my sewing kit and Jonny and Amber washed the car today, so things really are getting organised!!!

Sorry about the randomness!

Good -night all!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Black Coffee

I have always been a milky coffee person. One sip of bitter black coffee had me pursing my lips with displeasure so I gave up on the idea. That was until I'd made a batch of fresh coffee, opened the fridge and realised we were out of milk. I decided to have my coffee black, just this once. The thing is, that as I sipped the thick black liquid, I began to realise that I quite liked it. It dawned on me that if we had never run out of milk,  would have never known that I liked black coffee. That's where the revelation hit. It popped into my mind, that sometimes we learn more about ourselves through lack than we do through abundance. Sometimes it's the stripped bare, simple, bitter yet flavour-full things that enrich our hearts. That has certainly been my story over the past couple of years. I am learning to embrace the moments of simplicity, the moments where all I have is myself and nature, I am learning to listen to the whispers inside my heart, to move when I am moved. Sometimes I like a bit of comforting creamy milk in my coffee too, but for now I'm enjoying the richness of pure coffee, no extras.

Because sometimes treasures are right in front of our eyes, we only have to look down.

Bumble Bees should not be able to fly, being so round, I like that.

Sometimes we may be surprised at what we find when our hearts are opened.

And that's all really, spot the bird!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

I feel a bit like Beatrix Potter!

I was in the Summerhouse today, when all of a sudden the occupant of the hole in our lawn showed herself! I am guessing that she is a she because she is so pretty! Later on, I looked up and she had an equally pretty friend with her! I'm starting to feel slightly hopeless about my Pak Choi seedlings that have just pushed their way out of the soil. I wonder how long they will last?!

Never mind about the vegetables though, because there is nothing more delightful to me than being in close proximity to wildlife. I also had a visit from a daddy and baby Blackbird this morning. The baby was following the daddy around asking for food and being really annoying!

I have started properly drawing again, I'm on picture number four of my first Children's story and it feels really good. For some reason the 'you're so rubbish' voices are much quieter now, and I am able to simply enjoy drawing and creating, not really worrying about whether anyone else will like my pictures. It's so fun to be drawing whilst rabbits are hoping around in the garden as Beatrix Potter's pictures have been so inspiring to me, and I really got going by copying some of her work.

Here is a sneak peak of something I've been working on:

The Summerhouse is amazing and has really come into its own now that the weather is warmer. It is the perfect place to escape to as I know that I can be back in the house really quickly if I'm needed. Jonny and I are sharing it and the set up is great. I'm so glad we kept our old kitchen table to work on. It's pretty incredible really, that we're here and that we have this space available. Last Summer we were desperately searching for somewhere to live with basically the lowest rental budget you can have for a family or four. We looked at so many awful places, and then one day, just as we were loosing all hope of finding anywhere we saw this cottage. The minute we walked in the door we knew we would have it, and it felt like such a gift that there was such a large Summerhouse in the garden. We would have settled for anywhere and fitted our creative projects into the house, but no, here was the perfect space. It felt like such an encouragement to continue following our hearts and our creative dreams. I had written in my journal that I wanted a cosy cottage in the countryside and that is exactly what we got! I've also written down that I want a new laptop and a budget to spend on soft furnishings.....!

I have learnt this week, that not only do I need time to be creative, I need time to be inspired too, which is why I spent my Summerhouse time today reading inspiring magazines. I definitely feel better for it. I am learning so much! More to come.

My view of the garden

My side of the Summerhouse

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pink 'Gerl' Lip Gloss

This is a gorgeously simple recipe for some home-made lip gloss. The recipe is inspired by one of my favourite books, 'the ultimate natural beauty book' by Josephine Fairley (who also created Green and Blacks chocolate, so a special lady!). Amber and I made this together as it is so easy to do, it also looks lovely and pink and smells delicious.The only downside is that it is a bit messy to apply and you end up with a pink finger! I will definitely be making it again though.

Did I ever mention that I want to create my own range of home-made skin creams and make-up? Well, getting my ingredients out again felt really good. One day I dream of having my own farm so that I can harvest all my own plants to use for making these products. I would love to spend lots of time stirring large vats of melted beeswax and mixing up potions with different essential oils, ahhhhh dreamy! Anyway, without further ado, the recipe!

Oh by the way, I used the word 'gerl' for fun as this is the way Amber and I pronounce the word 'girl' when we are being ultra girly and trying to wind Jonny up with 'Gerls together' chants!

'Pink 'Gerl' Lip Gloss

2 Tablespoons Avocado Oil (the original recipe uses sweet almond oil, I think you can probably use any food oil such as Olive or Coconut oil.
10g Beeswax
1 Tablespoon Beetroot juice
4 drops Peppermint essential oil

note: to extract the beetroot juice without a juicer, grate and squeeze cooked beetroot, or just buy some from a natural food store.

Gently heat the Beeswax and Avocado oil in a double boiler (a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water).
Remove from the heat when fully melted and add in the beetroot juice a teaspoon- full at at time until you get the right shade of pink, whisking all the time.
Add in the essential oil and quickly pour into a sterilised container.


(If you have trouble finding any of the ingredients, try

This quantity filled a mini jam jar!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Roadside Flowers.

It's amazing what is there if you are really looking for it. A casual walk down the road the other day brought me home with a fine bounty of pretty Spring flowers. Completely free and totally charming. The best part, I got to give them to a beautiful 'nearly- four year old' and she was deeply touched to be given flowers. We are never to young to receive flowers of our very own!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Spring Photography

I've been really enjoying my photography over the past couple of months. I've been taking the camera with me on walks and I've found the Spring scenery very soul- inspiring. I really feel like I've been growing and learning just through playing with the camera. My understanding of the science behind photography is still very limited, but I have found myself looking at light in a whole new way recently. I'd like to learn more about it. For now I'd love to share some of my favourite shots from the past couple of months. Hope you enjoy.

I love the way the background looks like a reflection in a pool of water. The picture feels very clean and crisp, the white flowers and the green petals all speak of the new life that comes hand in hand with Spring.

I think if I were to name this picture I would call it 'Spring Dance'. I love the way some of the branches are out of focus and the beautiful pink colours. I was playing with 'Manual Focus' on this walk and having a ball!

I love this little chappy! I don't know why. I love the way he fits so perfectly into his environment. I love his song. I love the way he has a little bit of a blue halo.

I love the warmth of this photo, I can almost smell the honey- nectar looking at it. I love the way my eye is drawn down the line of trees to the tall wiggly trunks of the woodland.

I like the tall trees and the clearing beyond. It says 'magical' to me.

Oh my goodness I was having so much fun with my camera this particular day. As you know from my previous post I love Bluebells and I'm so glad I managed to get some photos of them this year. I was really enjoying looking for interesting light and trying out different angles with the camera.

I love the perspective of this picture, the tall, tall trees and the beautiful tiny bluebells. It feels really good, a bit like the trees are the protective big brother of the little feminine flowers!

I love the light shining through the daffodil's petals and the contrast of the metal fence. It's amazing how light can make something so simple so interesting to look at!