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Monday, 16 May 2011

Black Coffee

I have always been a milky coffee person. One sip of bitter black coffee had me pursing my lips with displeasure so I gave up on the idea. That was until I'd made a batch of fresh coffee, opened the fridge and realised we were out of milk. I decided to have my coffee black, just this once. The thing is, that as I sipped the thick black liquid, I began to realise that I quite liked it. It dawned on me that if we had never run out of milk,  would have never known that I liked black coffee. That's where the revelation hit. It popped into my mind, that sometimes we learn more about ourselves through lack than we do through abundance. Sometimes it's the stripped bare, simple, bitter yet flavour-full things that enrich our hearts. That has certainly been my story over the past couple of years. I am learning to embrace the moments of simplicity, the moments where all I have is myself and nature, I am learning to listen to the whispers inside my heart, to move when I am moved. Sometimes I like a bit of comforting creamy milk in my coffee too, but for now I'm enjoying the richness of pure coffee, no extras.

Because sometimes treasures are right in front of our eyes, we only have to look down.

Bumble Bees should not be able to fly, being so round, I like that.

Sometimes we may be surprised at what we find when our hearts are opened.

And that's all really, spot the bird!

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