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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Charity Shop Treasures

I have suddenly found myself rushing into charity shops and scouring their shelves for long forgotten treasures. It all started with an idea I had, to look for vintage bottles to put my home made beauty potions into. Since then, it's like my eyes have opened to a whole new world and I can't resist having a quick look in every charity shop I go past. It feels like a childish treasure hunt, as if someone has hidden all these things for me to find if I look hard enough! Anyway, I did quite well last week, as I found a couple of Chinese bowls in a gorgeous turquoise colour in one shop and then the next day I found a hot pink one to match them. Perfect for my bathroom, which I'm hoping to slowly 'do up'! It's so satisfying when you find the perfect item for only a few pennies.

My husband liked them too, as they reminded him of some bowls his Grandparents had, so it was a win win (he approved of my spending!) I also found this sweet butterfly soap dish, which I love, someone else's junk= my treasure!

My daughter, Amber was hilarious in one particular shop. She was desperate to try clothes on, and she didn't realise that there was a children's section at first, so she was trying to try on an adult size skirt. I then pointed out the children's clothes and she was quickly pulling out pink skirts and dresses, whilst balancing a hot pink adult wedding hat on her head, all much to the amusement of the shop assistants! We ended up buying her a few new things and she was so excited, she folded them up straight away and the next morning when I came down she was wearing her new dress all ready for Nursery! 

Her teacher said that they had heard all about Amber's new dress when I picked her up! I think I'll have an eager companion with me on some of my treasure hunts!

That's all for now, have a good week!

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