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Sunday, 15 May 2011

I feel a bit like Beatrix Potter!

I was in the Summerhouse today, when all of a sudden the occupant of the hole in our lawn showed herself! I am guessing that she is a she because she is so pretty! Later on, I looked up and she had an equally pretty friend with her! I'm starting to feel slightly hopeless about my Pak Choi seedlings that have just pushed their way out of the soil. I wonder how long they will last?!

Never mind about the vegetables though, because there is nothing more delightful to me than being in close proximity to wildlife. I also had a visit from a daddy and baby Blackbird this morning. The baby was following the daddy around asking for food and being really annoying!

I have started properly drawing again, I'm on picture number four of my first Children's story and it feels really good. For some reason the 'you're so rubbish' voices are much quieter now, and I am able to simply enjoy drawing and creating, not really worrying about whether anyone else will like my pictures. It's so fun to be drawing whilst rabbits are hoping around in the garden as Beatrix Potter's pictures have been so inspiring to me, and I really got going by copying some of her work.

Here is a sneak peak of something I've been working on:

The Summerhouse is amazing and has really come into its own now that the weather is warmer. It is the perfect place to escape to as I know that I can be back in the house really quickly if I'm needed. Jonny and I are sharing it and the set up is great. I'm so glad we kept our old kitchen table to work on. It's pretty incredible really, that we're here and that we have this space available. Last Summer we were desperately searching for somewhere to live with basically the lowest rental budget you can have for a family or four. We looked at so many awful places, and then one day, just as we were loosing all hope of finding anywhere we saw this cottage. The minute we walked in the door we knew we would have it, and it felt like such a gift that there was such a large Summerhouse in the garden. We would have settled for anywhere and fitted our creative projects into the house, but no, here was the perfect space. It felt like such an encouragement to continue following our hearts and our creative dreams. I had written in my journal that I wanted a cosy cottage in the countryside and that is exactly what we got! I've also written down that I want a new laptop and a budget to spend on soft furnishings.....!

I have learnt this week, that not only do I need time to be creative, I need time to be inspired too, which is why I spent my Summerhouse time today reading inspiring magazines. I definitely feel better for it. I am learning so much! More to come.

My view of the garden

My side of the Summerhouse

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  1. "Not only do I need time to be creative, but I need time to be inspired, too." Brilliant, Sophie!!