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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Inspiration- Molly Makes

Remember what I said on this blog post about not only needing time to be creative, but time to be inspired too? Well, I've found the perfect inspiration! It's a scrumptious new magazine called 'Mollie Makes'. I'd been hearing all about it, so when I spotted it in W H Smith I decided to treat myself!

Last night found me in the Summerhouse with a cup of peppermint tea and my new magazine and it didn't disappoint  There are so many fun ideas I want to try, and fab links to other creative bloggers, which I can't wait to look up when I get a mo! Plus, if I ever need a good fabric supplier there are tons of different shops advertising here. I can't recommend it enough. I nearly forgot to say that it comes with a little packet of felt on the front and instructions on how to turn it into a phone case, opening the packet reminded me of opening my latest Spice girl cards when I was a school girl, it was so exciting!

I'm now off to sign up for the next 3 issues for £5, which is an amazing bargain at: Thanks guys!

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