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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sewing, rearranging the furniture and other stuff!

One of my creative dreams is to learn to sew well, to be able to know how to make pretty things. I saw a Kent Adult Education course called 'learn to sew' advertised and felt this overwhelming desire to join the course, so I did! I have just completed my first project and I am very proud and happy! I feel so excited about where my sewing adventures will take me!

Ladies and Gents here is my first creation:

I love, love, love the material which I have lots more of and got for a fiver in the bargain bin at my local fabric shop. I learnt how to make a button hole and how important an iron is when you're sewing, so that you get nice neat seams! Here is a shot of the inside:

And this is what it looks like on:

Did I mention I love my new bag?!

I also re-arranged the furniture in our play room/ dining room and it feels so good and fresh. I love a new perspective!

Spot Jireh!

We're really working hard on some creative business ideas at the moment and I'm really excited! I want to 'see it in the flesh' after dreaming about it for so long, but I know that the dreams and ideas still need time to grow so it's one beautiful step at a time! Sometimes it's hard to be still and enjoy where you are, but having children makes this so much easier, every moment is so precious and so captivating with small ones around.

Here is some of Amber's art she made this week:

It starts with butterfly, then onto mouse, then elephant, and after that she'd had enough thus the  purple splodge!

I also managed to tidy my sewing kit and Jonny and Amber washed the car today, so things really are getting organised!!!

Sorry about the randomness!

Good -night all!

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