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Monday, 9 May 2011

Spring Photography

I've been really enjoying my photography over the past couple of months. I've been taking the camera with me on walks and I've found the Spring scenery very soul- inspiring. I really feel like I've been growing and learning just through playing with the camera. My understanding of the science behind photography is still very limited, but I have found myself looking at light in a whole new way recently. I'd like to learn more about it. For now I'd love to share some of my favourite shots from the past couple of months. Hope you enjoy.

I love the way the background looks like a reflection in a pool of water. The picture feels very clean and crisp, the white flowers and the green petals all speak of the new life that comes hand in hand with Spring.

I think if I were to name this picture I would call it 'Spring Dance'. I love the way some of the branches are out of focus and the beautiful pink colours. I was playing with 'Manual Focus' on this walk and having a ball!

I love this little chappy! I don't know why. I love the way he fits so perfectly into his environment. I love his song. I love the way he has a little bit of a blue halo.

I love the warmth of this photo, I can almost smell the honey- nectar looking at it. I love the way my eye is drawn down the line of trees to the tall wiggly trunks of the woodland.

I like the tall trees and the clearing beyond. It says 'magical' to me.

Oh my goodness I was having so much fun with my camera this particular day. As you know from my previous post I love Bluebells and I'm so glad I managed to get some photos of them this year. I was really enjoying looking for interesting light and trying out different angles with the camera.

I love the perspective of this picture, the tall, tall trees and the beautiful tiny bluebells. It feels really good, a bit like the trees are the protective big brother of the little feminine flowers!

I love the light shining through the daffodil's petals and the contrast of the metal fence. It's amazing how light can make something so simple so interesting to look at!

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  1. These photos are lovely...they make me long for the UK in Springtime. My favs are pictures 2 & 4. The colours are lovely and I feel really drawn into the scene.