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Thursday, 16 June 2011


The beginning of June was really busy for me, with Amber's birthday and lots of inspiration to draw and get ideas down on paper. After Amber's birthday, things have felt a little slower, the inspiration seems to be flowing more in the direction on having some down time. It is so important when you've been busy to allow yourself the time to have a break and recharge. Here are some of the fun things I've been up to:

Lots and lots of cuddles with my baby (he really knows how to chill out!)

Proper Sunday tea (it has actually been quite cold and grey this week, the perfect excuse for a cosy fire!). We laid out the food and I was quietly taking photos whilst Jonny was playing with Jireh, I could hear Amber stocking up her plate and talking to herself as follows: "I'll have two cheeses, a strawberry, a carrot...."etc, needles to say her plate was full and ready to go before we'd even started! She makes me giggle!

Retail therapy! We found these child sized, sparkly high heels, Jonny wasn't sure if he approved of a little girl in heels, but I found them completely irresistible. Amber has asked me to remember them for her 5 birthday!

Pottering in the garden. I finally gave the garden some much needed love and attention, it doesn't look like much, but it will do for now! I planted some chamomile, chives, lavender and a few flower seedlings, I guess I'll find out if rabbits are partial to any of the above! 

Sewing. Ah hem, I am just a tiny bit proud of how this turned out! We have been learning free machine embroidery at my sewing class and I love it. It just feels like it's something that fits with a lot of what I love and I have so many ideas of other pictures I want to make. Next step is to turn this into a cushion!

And finally... Lots of THIS!

It's amazing how lovely and fulfilling such simple things can be. I realised the other day that so many basic things we do every day are so incredibly pleasurable if we take the time to enjoy them. Eating, sleeping, hugging, showering, cleaning our teeth, walking, singing, kissing, dancing, sitting, smelling, looking, touching... the list goes on and I can't think of a single thing that isn't pleasurable!

Hopefully I will be fully recharged soon with lots more to say!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Birthday week!

Amber's 4th birthday finally arrived after months of her pointing out things in shops and saying "Can I have that for my 4 birthday?!" Amber asked for a pink wedding cake with a mermaid on top as her birthday cake at which point I gulped, but it actually turned out quite sweet thanks to team Mum-ma and Dada! I would have quite liked to have thrown a huge party for her, but it just didn't feel right to do that this year, so we settled for a small tea party just for her and her best friend and that was enough. I've had a sort of mantra since Jireh was born, which pops into my head when I think things like 'Maybe I'll make some chocolate brownies as well as scones' or 'Maybe we'll throw a huge party for all her nursery friends' and the mantra is 'Pick your battles'. Coz some things just aren't worth the extra effort when what you have is enough already.

Amber enjoyed shooting her friend with the bubble gun just a little too much!

I can't believe my little girl is four. It has been such a privilege and a delight to be her Mummy and to watch her grow more and more freely her. She's truly special.

Amber from 0 to 4!

That's all folks, except to say:

...and her Mummy for all of your lovely birthday love and wishes!