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Friday, 15 July 2011

Updates, updates!

Hey everyone! I have been 'off the map' for a couple of weeks, going with a tide of inspiration to get some of my illustrations and photos turned into cards! It was all building up to a sale in aid of Breast Cancer Care, which took place on Saturday. My friend Natalie has recently gone crazy for cupcakes! She just loves making them and she organised this strawberry tea event and asked everybody else if they would like to exhibit their stuff too (she's a real inspiration!), so thank you Natalie!

The sale was a real encouragement, although only a small number of people turned up I sold about 39 cards, so I was very happy! You can see the cards I have on offer via my etsy shop as seen in the sidebar here on the left, and here is the link to my Facebook page: Sophie Sailboat.

I'd like to share a few photos from the event:

  Me and my 'helper'!

Amber loves Natalie's cup cakes!

It has been such an exciting few weeks, I have been dreaming of starting 'Sophie Sailboat' for ages now and to see it starting to become a reality is completely amazing! I have a website holding page too, which you can see by clicking here, thanks to my husband for that one.

I hope to see Sophie Sailboat grow to become a place where I share all the different things I'm excited about. The cards I have on offer now seem like a great way to start.

The first card I did was this one:

This drawing came about after a decision I made to write a difficult letter to a friend. I felt really moved to reach out, and although it was a bit of a risk for me to open up to this person, I felt really moved and my little mantra was 'if you feel move, move!' I wrote the letter, and out came this drawing to go on the front of the card. My husband saw the letter on the side and he was so blown away by the drawing it gave me the confidence to jot down some other ideas for cards and over the next few weeks the other drawings all came out (in little windows of time like nap time or after the babies were in bed!) This picture really portrays my heart for Sophie Sailboat. I wrote on my facebook page: "I believe that we are all born truly beautiful and that if we are able to fully believe that then there will be no limit to our expressions. I believe that we limit ourselves when we doubt who we are. My own personal journey has brought me to a place of ever fuller self belief and I hope to inspire others to let their true colours shine too!"

I am so excited about all that the future holds!

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