Life is an adventure of the heart, an adventure into love

Friday, 23 September 2011

Listen to the whispers inside you...

I've been processing and feeling a lot recently, but due to the general busyness of life I haven't yet been able to weave together stories and photos and post it up here.

I've been thinking a lot about the beauty of the human spirit, about the different flavours we all have and how wonderful it would be to see more people flowing in a life based around what they are passionate about. I am friends with lots of Mums due to having children of my own and it always amazes me to find out more about all these incredible women, who at the moment are all looking after children. It doesn't take long for me to unearth some secret passions! "I love jewellery, I'd love to make it", "I love music, I long to write songs.", "I want to do something creative but I don't know what.", "I love World War 2 and crime, in fact I'd love to be a police officer.", "I love to bake." I find it so exciting to see all these different passions expressed. We are all so unique and I wonder what the world would look like if we all gave ourselves permission to play just a little more with the things that excite us. It would be a wild and beautiful place I think. Somehow I believe that all of our passion would work together and somehow everything would get done and it would be done beautifully.

I think the most sad thing is seeing a beautiful spirit and all it's passion shoved away deep down where no one can access it. I was talking to my husband the other day about a friend of his and he said: "apparently he used to play the piano really well, he never learnt but he could find his way around the keys beautifully." I thought about how much I'd love to see this person lit up by the expression of their soul through the clear mellow sound of the piano keys. I thought about what it would be like if he was never able to express himself like this, how his life would be like so many others, an autumn leaf floating gently to the woodland floor and blending in with all the others there.

I know it isn't easy, I know it's a process, but if we could only begin to lift the lid of our hearts, wow, it would be so exciting! Any decision we make to trust ourselves will be one step closer to our true North and we will begin to find peace within ourselves. Begin today, wake up slowly, write a journal, walk, shower, do whatever it is that gives you space to breathe and listen to the whispers of your soul.

I read a great article this week that has been circling on Facebook, a real encouragement to go for it! Here is the link if you are interested.

So there's a little update, now for lunch, and apologies for no photography this time, I can't wait to get out with my camera and capture some blue Autumn skies! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I don't want to forget...

I don't want to forget...

the way your hands
grasped my smallest finger
seeing your wide eyed innocent wonder
your head, downy, soft as a silky rose petal
your cry, your tiny thighs
that smooth bottom
your new born smell
how it felt when you were inside me
how it felt to hold you for the first time
how it felt to push your wet slippery body into the world

No, I don't want to forget you
you, truly beautiful to behold

your new born squeaks
the satisfaction you got at my breast
your first smiles
getting you dressed
holding you close
feeling your tiny warmth
my Mother's love engulfs us both
we are safe together you and I

No, I will not forget
even when your legs are long
and your step wide
I will not forget how once you were inside
You will always be in my heart
I have always loved you

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I've been thinking a lot about self- nurture recently. We've had a very busy few weeks and although I've been making time to draw, I haven't been making time to fill up. I've found myself a little dry on the inside. I was able to get out on my own for a bit yesterday thanks to my husband and just making time to journal and value how I feel has completely changed my perspective. Whereas before I wanted some time out to escape from the relentlessness of two children, I came home looking forward to spending time with them, and absolutely loving my cozy cottage and my very beautiful family. When I was out I read a bit of Julia Cameron's book 'the Artists Way' and it hit the nail on the had for me. She talks about 'filling the well' and how as artists we must learn to be self nourishing (although I would say everybody needs to learn this!). She says: 'In filling the well, think magic. Think delight. Think fun. Do not think duty. Do not do what you should do... do what interests you; think mystery, not mastery." She then goes onto talk about how the artist side of our brain loves repetitive actions. Things like showering, swimming, walking, sewing, cooking- all of these simple tasks can fuel us. I know that I get loads of my inspiration when I'm walking, it's just all these activities have to be done alone to allow our senses to be alert and present to the now. That's the challenge for me as a Mummy. I am very grateful that my husband places huge value on me having time to refuel, so together we are working out a way. It's great I think that all of these tasks that fuel us are also very self- nurturing. When I was dry and placing very little value on myself, I noticed something. People really annoyed me. If I was out and about- for example at the doctors surgery and the receptionist ignored me, it would wind me up no end, because she was treading on my hot button of 'you aren't valuable', only because I hadn't looked after that question myself. It happened everywhere and I could see it for exactly what it was! When we nurture ourselves we're not looking for people to treat us right, we have grace and compassion for them because we have grace and compassion for ourselves.

I'd like to leave you with another little bit of creative writing that came out on a walk today. I would encourage you to find what it is for you that 'fills the well' and then spend time there- I can't wait to see what comes out of you when you've been inspired :)

awoken to all I am inside
a song breaking out
nowhere to hide
feeling the Spirit
brushing my cheek
open to all the sounds
letting nature speak

I hear it all now
so crystal clear
the song of the Earth
beckoning me to come near
my heartbeat quickens
with my dancing steps
all of nature listens
I keep in time as she claps

The beat filling me
the joy of a soul set free
free to explore the sounds of the Earth
free to discover
the goodness in my heart
awoken to the blossoming sound
I'm swaying and tapping
abundance found

I feel embraced
put back together
a healing balm
with the promise of forever
eternity is mine
in my Maker's heart
freedom has woken
me up from a trance

Open the door
let the good wind blow
let the freshness burrow
deep into your soul

Every day is new
sprinkled with promise
dance like the raindrops
falling from the blue

Wake me up
wake me up
there's so much to see
the Lord's got a banquet waiting for me
feasting and singing
let's make merry today
for we are wild and precious
and life should be play

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Endless Possibilities

As I was walking today, I was thinking about possibilities. I believe that our greatest limitation is our own self- perception, and being awoken to who I really am has opened up an abundance of possibilities for my life. I really do believe that one day all my dreams will come true. I love the way that nature speaks to me. As I was thinking about all this, I saw an acorn on the floor, there really isn't a better picture of how something small can grow into something great. If you looked at an acorn and didn't know anything about it, would you ever guess that one day it would become a mighty Oak tree?

The truth is that we are all so much greater than a little acorn and so full of mysterious beauty. If we can love who we have been made to be, and open ourselves up to endless possibilities, something wonderful might just grow out of our lives.

I don't know how any of it will happen, all I know is that it will as I continue to dance along the pathway of my heart. As I continue to dream, explore and discover all the desires of my heart. As I trust that I am full to the brim with beauty and wonder and that it is safe to let it out.

Just look how many acorns there are on this small section of tree, this one year- imagine how many acorns will be produced in this tree's lifetime?! Something small, can have something humongous inside it, and can produce abundance to overflowing. Let's all dream wildly and see what happens!

Random wild dream: To write a song and perform it with a band... now you tell me yours!