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Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I've been thinking a lot about self- nurture recently. We've had a very busy few weeks and although I've been making time to draw, I haven't been making time to fill up. I've found myself a little dry on the inside. I was able to get out on my own for a bit yesterday thanks to my husband and just making time to journal and value how I feel has completely changed my perspective. Whereas before I wanted some time out to escape from the relentlessness of two children, I came home looking forward to spending time with them, and absolutely loving my cozy cottage and my very beautiful family. When I was out I read a bit of Julia Cameron's book 'the Artists Way' and it hit the nail on the had for me. She talks about 'filling the well' and how as artists we must learn to be self nourishing (although I would say everybody needs to learn this!). She says: 'In filling the well, think magic. Think delight. Think fun. Do not think duty. Do not do what you should do... do what interests you; think mystery, not mastery." She then goes onto talk about how the artist side of our brain loves repetitive actions. Things like showering, swimming, walking, sewing, cooking- all of these simple tasks can fuel us. I know that I get loads of my inspiration when I'm walking, it's just all these activities have to be done alone to allow our senses to be alert and present to the now. That's the challenge for me as a Mummy. I am very grateful that my husband places huge value on me having time to refuel, so together we are working out a way. It's great I think that all of these tasks that fuel us are also very self- nurturing. When I was dry and placing very little value on myself, I noticed something. People really annoyed me. If I was out and about- for example at the doctors surgery and the receptionist ignored me, it would wind me up no end, because she was treading on my hot button of 'you aren't valuable', only because I hadn't looked after that question myself. It happened everywhere and I could see it for exactly what it was! When we nurture ourselves we're not looking for people to treat us right, we have grace and compassion for them because we have grace and compassion for ourselves.

I'd like to leave you with another little bit of creative writing that came out on a walk today. I would encourage you to find what it is for you that 'fills the well' and then spend time there- I can't wait to see what comes out of you when you've been inspired :)

awoken to all I am inside
a song breaking out
nowhere to hide
feeling the Spirit
brushing my cheek
open to all the sounds
letting nature speak

I hear it all now
so crystal clear
the song of the Earth
beckoning me to come near
my heartbeat quickens
with my dancing steps
all of nature listens
I keep in time as she claps

The beat filling me
the joy of a soul set free
free to explore the sounds of the Earth
free to discover
the goodness in my heart
awoken to the blossoming sound
I'm swaying and tapping
abundance found

I feel embraced
put back together
a healing balm
with the promise of forever
eternity is mine
in my Maker's heart
freedom has woken
me up from a trance

Open the door
let the good wind blow
let the freshness burrow
deep into your soul

Every day is new
sprinkled with promise
dance like the raindrops
falling from the blue

Wake me up
wake me up
there's so much to see
the Lord's got a banquet waiting for me
feasting and singing
let's make merry today
for we are wild and precious
and life should be play

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