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Friday, 2 December 2011

A new venture to share :)

I've just been looking at my blog and feeling that I really need to update it and make it nice and Christmasy. I can't wait to get crafting and decorating and baking so I'm hoping all these things will make their merry way onto my blog. But ah, life with two little ones and lots of sick bugs one really does have to grab every bit of passion, inspiration and energy when it's there! After what feels like a stormy few weeks I'm feeling some passion rising up in me again to get out for some early morning walks and to spend more time being creative and I know that when I spend time in those places, I blog, so here's hoping there'll be more to share!

Anyway, I just wanted to share something tonight that I'm really excited about. My husband is a pretty amazing guy! He started his own business in 2007, the year our daughter was born. He did very well on some levels gaining some very high awards for the technology he produced. Unfortunately times were tough and the business never really got off the ground financially. It became clear in 2009 that the business needed to be closed and that my husband had lost passion for it! He had begun to write a novel in that year, and 112,000 words later his first book is complete,so watch this space on that one! He has also been getting very excited about web design, I mean I have to tell him to take a break in the evenings because he just loves learning about all the new things you can do online! We have just launched a website called North1, our own web design company. We are so excited about it because this really is work that feels like play to us and we can't wait to get our teeth into a project! Please do check us out ( and take a look at our Facebook page.

Would love to hear any feedback or impressions on the site. Thank you so much for looking :)

A very merry eve to you all, back soon with lots of festive things, promise!