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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Things I'm enjoying right now

 I asked my little girl what she liked best about the day at Suppertime and she turned and smiled , "Right now!" I responded with a smile, because I've learnt that enjoying the 'right now' is a wonderful place to be. So without further ado, here are some of the things that have made me very happy this week...

 Fresh coffee and an almond croissant in the morning with my best friend (that's my man- the big one, not the little one!).

 Romantic dinners by the fire, especially when my husband cooks pasta. Here we had linguine with prawns, garlic, chilli, white wine and parsley, delish!

Beautiful, friendly horses with their velvety, proud noses and warm horsey breath.

Happy little birds, especially the inquisitive little robins because I can actually capture them on camera before they flit away! I want to take my zoom lens next time as I saw some sweet great and blue tits and some chaffinches as well. They all seem to be paring up for Spring!

Little nests exposed in the Winter hedgerows.

Feeling small- in the good way, small and safe.

Sketching natural things, not worrying about perfection but instead focusing on expression. Wood makes me happy.

Poplar trees. I love how they are planted in rows, they make a real statement. There have been Poplar trees in the gardens of both this current house and the one before, and I love them because their leaves sound like rainfall in the Spring and Summer and like cracking fire in the Autumn.

 Bark that I immediately want to touch, like hard old Elephant skin.

Where I live. It's the kind of place I could imagine Elizabeth Bennett from 'Pride and Prejudice' walking, so green and quintessentially English.

Mystical Pine groves that I happen upon during my walk.

Baby Christmas trees on a local farm, they're so sweet!

And again, where we live :)

My Children loving each other, their friendship and love for each other makes me so happy.