Life is an adventure of the heart, an adventure into love

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

How life looks to me right now.

I am ready. Ready for a change, ready to speak out from the truest part of me. There seems to be a truth telling revolution going on, started by such warriors as Brene Brown, and I want in. I am sick of comfort and conformity. I don't want a comfortable life, not really, it's just I've been taught and told that I do. I really want an adventure. I want to feel the cold wind swirling around me, wet with rain and rich with the smell of the earth and sea. I couldn't care less for comfortable mediochrity. I am a daughter of the dawn, a friend of daring. So let me be a dreamer, let me truly live and breathe for as long as I can. Don't let me be fooled into thinking that I will live tomorrow or 'when this bit is done' or 'when that bit is out of the way.' I want to live now. I want to follow my passion to the ends of the Earth. I want to feel alive, feel the loving beating heart of promise in my blood. I want to pour out all that I am into a message of love. A message of hope for the human spirit.

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