Life is an adventure of the heart, an adventure into love

Friday, 23 May 2014

Let us be one

I can feel the Divine in church, or in a mosque, or in a temple
I can feel the living presence with friends, watching children play
Or best of all, quietly, in the garden
Walking through the fields
Smelling the flowers
Listening to the birds sing out their stories
We are all born from the womb
We all want to love and be loved
We all want to laugh, and cry and feel
We all want to be held
We all seek the one true Divinity
We all seek for connection with something Greater
Does it really matter what name we give it?
We are all alike in our truest part
The desire for connection runs deep in us all
Like we are all born of the same Spirit mother
From the same country where love reins and there is no fear
On our journey as we seek to feel what we know to be true
Let us not kid ourselves into thinking
that we are the only ones who seek truth
that we are the only ones who know truth
whether we speak French or English,
Latin or Arabic, it is the language of love
that we are all longing for
Brothers and sisters, friends
let us stand together in the truth of this knowledge
Let us not separate ourselves by lack of understanding
Let us be one

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