Life is an adventure of the heart, an adventure into love


I began to draw and paint in 2008 for the first time since school. I was inspired by Danny Gregory's book 'The Creative License', where he encourages that anyone can learn to draw. I thought it was a gift you were born with that I didn't posses, but Danny was right, with a bit of practice and self- belief my drawing greatly improved. I then began to play with watercolour paints and Indian ink. In 2011 I have really begun to find my own style and flow. I am so passionate about my illustrations, I just love doing them!

I hope you enjoy looking through them. I can be contacted at the following e-mail address if you are interested in any of my pictures or if you would like me to consider a commission, please do drop me a line! Here it is:

All images are copyrighted to myself, please do not reproduce them or use them without my permission. Many thanks!

Magic in the small things

It's worth the risk!

It's much clearer up here

Truly beautiful

'I long to soar like an Eagle on the air streams of grace above the swirling mists below'


'She felt the magic in the dancing raindrops'

Father and daughter- 'today I hold you up in my arms so that one day you will fly'

Sweet Peas

I painted this picture of all my daughter's favourite soft toys or 'friends'!

 Sophie's Tiger Sketch

 Jonny's Tiger


Lucie's Picture (Copied from Beatrix Potter's beautiful pictures in her 'Tale of Mrs Tiggy Winkle'.