Life is an adventure of the heart, an adventure into love

Saturday, 15 April 2017


is the belief in goodness
its the Sunrise
the green soldiers that rise up
through the cracks in the pavement
It's the New Day
the new baby
Its the first kiss
the fluttering
Butterfly's wings
Hope takes us up into truth
a warm shower
the smell of hot coffee
the thing that we live for
and rise for every day
the new beginning that comes the morning after the ending
The blackbird's song that is sure to come
the dancing leaves and dappled light of the morning
the promise of a beautiful day 
The pathway winding around the corner
the backpack ready for the journey ahead
There is hope in the heartbeat of living things 
and the new breath after new breath after new breath 
The butterfly emerges
the egg cracks
the bluebell flowers 
The bulbs planted many moons ago 
bloom again
Expectation of goodness
The love squeezed out until the container overflows
and there are drops for everyone who will drink
Hold out your tired hands 
and receive 
let her kiss you today

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