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Monday, 12 September 2016

Two Buttons and a shoestring

Sometimes it feels like life is asking an awful lot of me. I know I want to give something, I want to help people heal and I want to inspire people back to love. However, it feels a bit like one of those stories where the main character is being sent off on an important quest and an old sage is giving them their last pieces of advice and also some seemingly useless implements which the elderly sage insists are important and that the main character should keep them safe. The main character usually smiles and thinks the old sage is crazy but holds on to the implements anyway. Later on these implements do come in to the story and end up being vitally important in order for the person to complete their task.

So why am I saying all of this. I think its because I feel like I have two buttons and a shoestring in my pocket- or in my case a handful of poems, songs, and thoughts which I don't know what to do with. But maybe the whole point is that they seem so small and insignificant, and yet, yet we know that they have come from the deepest part of ourselves- we know they are golden. And so in choosing to turn our attention to them and to nurture them and let them find their place, we are honouring the gold in us. Maybe this is what Jesus was talking about when he told the story of the servants and the talents. Here's what I think, we cannot judge what has been put into our pockets- we have to trust that they are given by someone with greater wisdom and foresight than our own. We must not bury what we have, instead lets use it- even if it seems small, and trust that in investing it, we will get more- the next piece of the picture.

So I am asking myself today, how can I honour what I have in my pocket right now- all the pieces of my life. How can I draw them all to me and not cast any pieces of myself aside? When I get still and listen to my heart the answers usually come and I just know what the next right thing is.

Peace to you.

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